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20 March 2020 (Fri) 09:00:00
20 March 2020 (Fri) 09:00:00
Port Shelter Sewerage, Stage 3 – Sewerage Works at Po Toi O (Register No. AEIAR-206/2017) – Environmental Permit : EP-516/2016 Environmental Monitoring and Auditing

Environmental Permit


Project Profile


EIA Report:


EM&A Data:

Baseline Monitoring


Monthly Monitoring


EP ConditionSectionDownload
2.9Submission of Management Organization of Main Construction CompaniesPDF / HTML
2.10Submission of Construction Works Schedule and Location PlansPDF / HTML
2.11Submission of an Updated Fisheries Survey ReportPDF / HTML
2.12Submission of a Verification Survey Report on Gnetum luofuensePDF / HTML
2.13Submission of a Silt Curtain and Cofferdam Deployment PlanPDF / HTML
2.14Submission of a Detailed Landscape PlanPDF / HTML


EP Condition 3.4Monthly EM&A Report
2021 MarPDF / HTML
2021 AprPDF / HTML
2021 MayPDF / HTML



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